Certification Portal Introduction

Control Union is unlocking the door to a new world!

Via this mail we want to inform you about the launch of the Certification Client Portal for your certification activities. This new portal will replace the current CIS portal. From now on the whole certification process is done digitally and therefore quicker, simpler, and easier.   

It is a mandatory transition for all our clients. With the guidance from Control Union and your participation this will be a seamless transition. There are 4 main steps to help you along the transition – this email being Step 1.

With receiving this email, we will start the transition for you. In the mail below you will find more information and instruction. Please take a moment to read and view the email in detail. Your cooperation is vital to ensure a smooth transition.

Come join our world and see the benefits on
the other side! Follow links for more info.

We trust the new Certification portal holds many new benefits to make the certification process for you, our client, easier.  The first step in the transition is to get to know the benefits of the Certification portal and find the key-user in your organization.

To complete the first step, we kindly ask you to follow the described actions:

O      Watch video 1 Intro (click Icon 1 below)
O     Provide your local CU office with the main contact person of you organization (key-user).
O     Visit https://certificationportal.controlunion.com/and read about the benefits and features of Certification portal

1. Intro   


2. Transfer   

Video 1 entails introducing the new Certification client portal to you. Video 1 provides a glimpse of the Certification Portal and the benefits the client portal wild hold.       Video 2 is a notification to inform you that the data migration into the new Certification portal  has  started. This video will provide you with more info on the consequences of the transfer.

3. Validate   


4. Finalize


Video 3 is  a notification that your data has been transferred successfully. Video 3 also provides instruction about how to validate your data and accept the Terms of Contract.

  Video 4 gives the final instruction.  The portal is ready to be used. The last video gives you an instruction on how to start using the system and were you can find more instruction material

Please contact your local CU office should you have any further questions at any point.

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