How do I obtain login details?
If you are a current client, your local office will contact you soon as your region will launch the new Certifications Portal. Your office will guide you through the implementation steps.  If you are a new potential client for textile programs: CCS, GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS then you can apply online via the link below, after which you will receive a confirmation email with login details to the new system.                 https://certifications.controlunion.com/icu/cert-tex-application/index.html
Which system is applicable to me CIS or ICU?
All our current clients have access to the CIS platform and its client portal. The ICU system is the new data platform being launched, which has a Certifications Client Portal. The new ICU system is being rolled-out to specific regions and only to textile clients as an initial launch. We therefor ask for your patience, and to use the current CIS system until your local CU office informs you to
Is there a preferred browser to use?
We strongly advise user to make use of Google Chrome. Other browsers are not as stable yet. This will be improved in due course and you will be informed through a newsletter. 
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